God’s Blessings

Bob and Carol got married. Soon after that, Bob had to leave Carol and return to the army base where he was stationed.
Before he left, Bob gave Carol all his money. Then he rode a train for three days back to the army base. During that time, Bob had only one sandwich to eat. After Bob got back to the base, he learned that soldiers riding on trains could have all their meals on the train for free!
While Bob was riding the train, he was probably very hungry. But he could have been enjoying all kinds of food. The food was there on the train — all he had to do was ask for it.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about food that God offers us. This is not food for our physical bodies. This food is blessings from God. God’s blessings will satisfy us and help us serve Him.
God is ready to give you His blessings today. Ask Him to bless you and help you serve in His kingdom.