God’s Blessings

Today is New Year’s Eve. When I was growing up, it was my family’s tradition to read Bible verses on New Year’s Eve. Then my parents would tell us how God blessed them and helped them escape a Communist country.
My father has passed away, but my mother is now 97 years old. Each New Year’s Eve my brother keeps our family tradition. He and his family read Bible verses, and my mother tells the same story she has told many times before. She wants all her grandchildren to know and love God.
Our family tradition reminds me of verse 4 of today’s Bible Reading. “Each generation will praise you and tell the next generation about the great things you do.” I am happy that my parents told us how God blessed them. Now I can pass that on to future generations.
Take time today to think about the many ways God has blessed you. Then tell someone else about how God takes care of you.