God’s Blessings

The woman mentioned in our Bible Reading went to the prophet, Elisha, for help. The woman’s husband had died. Her husband owed money to another man. The widow (woman whose husband had died) could not pay the money, so the man wanted to take her sons as his slaves. The widow told Elisha that all she had in her house was a little oil.
Elisha told the woman to gather bowls from her neighbors. Then she was to pour the oil into the bowls. The widow did what Elisha told her to do. She poured and poured. She filled all the bowls she had. Then Elisha told her to sell the oil and pay her debt. Wow! That woman had only a little oil, but she had a lot of faith. She trusted Elisha, and she did what he told her. Because of that, God blessed her and her sons.
I have faith in God. I have learned that when I tell other people about God, my faith grows. When I encourage other people, I have more hope, too. God increased the widow’s oil. In the same way, I help others and God blesses me more and more. Thank God for His many blessings today.