God’s Call

As I went for my walk, I passed four young boys who were playing along the road. Then I heard an adult voice calling, “Billy!” Evidently Billy was so busy playing that he didn’t hear his name called. In a few moments, I heard the voice call Billy again. But this time it was louder. I think that Billy heard the voice, but he wanted to play so he ignored the call.
In our Bible verses today, God had a message to give Samuel. At first Samuel thought Eli, the priest, was calling him. Finally when Samuel heard the voice he answered, “Speak. I am your servant, and I am listening” (verse 10b).
I am sure many times in my life God has called me through His Word or through other people. But I was so busy with my everyday life, that I did not pay attention to Him.
Spend time reading and studying the Bible. Ask God to help you pay attention to His messages for you.