God’s Children

My friend, Ida, told me about something special that happened in her life. Ida’s sister died right after giving birth to a son. Ida’s brother-in-law had died right before the baby was born, so the baby had no parents.
Ida and her husband, Art, asked a judge to give them custody of the baby boy. The judge gave them custody, and then he did something very special. He gave them the baby’s birth certificate. Ida and Art were listed on the certificate as the birth parents — just as if the baby boy was their natural-born son.
God has done something special for us, too. The verses in our Bible Reading tell us what God has done for us. God sent His Son, Jesus, to earth. Why did God to that? “God’s purpose was to make us his children” (verse 5b). God is our Heavenly Father. When we obey and follow Jesus, we become God’s special children.
Thank God today that you can be one of His children!