God’s Children

As God’s children, we all have sufferings we must endure. These sufferings may be sickness or family problems or persecution. In our Bible Reading today, Paul says that these sufferings are nothing when compared with what God will give us.
God has already given us His Holy Spirit to help and comfort us. But we are waiting for the time when God will “finish making us his own children” (verse 23b). At that time, everything God made will “have the same freedom and glory that belong to God’s children” (verse 21b).
Until the time Jesus comes again, we are waiting like a woman waits for the birth of her baby. As a woman goes through childbirth, she suffers pain. In the same way, we will face suffering as we live on earth.
I hope you are looking forward to God’s promise of a new home where there is no pain, suffering or crying. Be patient as you wait for Jesus to come again.