God’s Children (Correction-4/4/18)

God’s creation is filled with examples of love. We can see love as a mother bird feeds her newborn or as a mama bear protects her cubs from danger. But even more, we can see love in human families — a mother taking care of her sick child, a father teaching his son to ride a bike, or brothers and sisters working together to take care of their aged parents.

But love for our families is not the best love of all. The best love of all is God’s love for us. John wrote about that in 1 John 3:1. “The Father has loved us so much! This shows how much he loved us: We are called children of God. And we really are his children. But the people in the world don’t understand that we are God’s children.”

God’s wonderful plan for showing us His love began even before Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. God planned to send His only Son, Jesus, to earth to pay the price for people’s sins. That is the greatest love of all!

There are no limits to God’s love. He wants everyone to love Him and follow His Word. God wants every person on earth to be His child. Our job is to tell others about His love and be an example of His love in everything we do. Show others that you are one of God’s children today!