God’s Choice

In 2009 my wife, Valerie, received a very special gift. This gift was willingly given to her, and it was a very valuable gift.
Valerie had waited for a liver transplant for many months. Finally, in September, she received a healthy liver from a young boy. A grieving mother and father made a decision to give my wife the gift of life.
Many years before Jesus came to earth, God made a choice. Verse 13 of our Bible Reading tells us that God chose us to be saved. He decided that at just the right time, He would send Jesus to die a terrible death on a cross. But that is not the end of the story. Jesus died and then He arose from the dead. He overcame death so that we, too, can experience life forever with Him.
A loving mother and a father made a great sacrifice so that my wife could live. In the same way, God gave up His Son so you and I can have new life in Him. As you celebrate Jesus’ resurrection today, remember how much God loves you!