God’s Comfort

I remember when my boys were learning to roller skate or ride a bike. I would help them by keeping my hand on their shoulder. But soon they would say, “I can do it by myself. Just let me try.”
Then they would try to skate or bike on their own. Usually they would go a short distance and fall and scrape their knee. Even after my sons became skilled at roller skating and biking, they would still come home with cuts and bruises. I would always be there to take care of their wounds and comfort them.
In verse 13a of our Bible Reading, God said about Israel, “I will comfort you like a mother comforts her child.” What a neat picture! God comforted the Israelites, just like I comforted my children when they were hurt.
Often we try to do something and fail. We are sad and discouraged. But God is always there to comfort us and help us try again. Do you need comfort today? Turn to God, and He will give you His love and protection.