God’s Comfort

I have read that Psalm 46 is a favorite Bible chapter for many Christians. Why do people like this psalm? I think they like this psalm because it is filled with comfort and peace.
Verse 1 tells us that God is our protection and strength. Verse 7 reminds us that God is always with us. And verse 10 encourages us to depend on God instead of ourselves.
The Bible clearly shows us that God is able to take care of His people. The devil is at work, trying to draw us away from God. We face problems in our lives. But we can always depend on God to help us.
Sometimes we become distracted in life, and we fail to depend on God. That’s when we need to remember the many times that God has helped and blessed us. If we truly seek God and His help, He will never leave us alone.
Let’s join the writer of Psalm 46 in praising God today for His comfort and love!