God’s Comfort

Are you feeling discouraged today? God understands that we all become discouraged at times. But He doesn’t want us to continue feeling discouraged and depressed. He wants to give us hope and encouragement.

John, chapter 14, is a great chapter to read when you are feeling discouraged or depressed. In that chapter, Jesus reminded His disciples that God knows all about our worries and sorrows. Jesus encouraged His disciples in John 14:1. “Jesus said, ‘Don’t be troubled. Trust in God, and trust in me.’”

Jesus knew that soon He would die, rise from the dead and then leave the earth. So He wanted His disciples to remember some of God’s promises. First, Jesus wanted them to remember that God had promised to comfort His children. Jesus also wanted them to know that God had promised to take care of them and meet their needs. Finally, Jesus wanted to remind His disciples that God had promised to give them peace. These promises are for Christians today, too.

The next time you are feeling discouraged, tell God what is happening in your life. Tell Him how you feel. Then ask God to keep His promises of comfort, care and peace. He will give you the comfort and encouragement that you need.