God’s Comfort

The Old Testament prophet, Elijah, was tired and afraid. Elijah felt lonely. He thought he was the only person who wanted to do God?s work.
First, God sent an angel to feed Elijah. Then, God came to comfort Elijah. God sent an earthquake, a strong wind and fire. Then God spoke to Elijah in a gentle, quiet voice. When God did these things, Elijah realized that God was powerful. He also realized that God loved him and wanted to be with him.
God told Elijah that there were about seven thousand people who were still God?s faithful servants. Elijah could talk to these people and be encouraged. God reminded Elijah that he did not need to feel lonely any more.
God was always with Elijah. God will always be with us, too. He gives us strength when we are weak. God gives us courage when we are afraid. And He gives us comfort and love when we are sad or discouraged.
We don?t need to feel lonely. We can trust God to help and strengthen us.