God’s Creation

When I was a child, my brother and I played in a sand pile in our backyard. We spent many hours playing there. We built roads in the sand and drove our cars and trucks on those imaginary roads.
Often our mother would let us take a pail of water to the sand pile. When the sand was mixed with water, we could make sand castles. Our castles were not beautiful, but we had fun building them. After we had played with a castle for a while, we would knock it down and build another one.
My brother and I tried to create things from the sand. But what we made was small and ugly compared to the wonderful things God has created. Our Bible verses today tell us about many things God has made. These verses help us understand how wonderful God really is.
Only God can make things like the ocean, animals or the moon. God is truly worthy of our praise. Look at the things God has made and praise Him today!