God’s Creation

I was visiting friends in Alaska. One morning I saw movement in the trees back of the house. Suddenly I saw a mother moose and her baby. The mother was about six feet tall at the shoulder. I enjoyed watching them as they ate mushrooms.

We can see God in creation everywhere we look. But sometimes we see something special that causes us to stop and think about God and His awesome creation. As I watched the mother moose and her baby, I thought about how the baby was created to look just like its mother. I thought about how God provided the right kind of food so the mother and her baby could stay strong and healthy.

The writer of Psalm 19 was impressed with God’s creation. In Psalm 19:1-2 he tells how creation shows us God’s power and glory. “The heavens tell about the glory of God. The skies announce what his hands have made. Each new day tells more of the story, and each night reveals more and more about God’s power.”

Look around you today and learn about God through His creation — enjoy the beauty of a rose, the warmth of the sunshine or the wonder of a newborn baby. Then thank God for all the things He has made for you!