God?s Creation

When I was a child, I enjoyed laying on a blanket in our yard. My friends and I would look up to the sky and watch the clouds. Sometimes the clouds would look like a rabbit or a dog or a bear. Maybe God made the clouds in these shapes just for children to enjoy!
I still like to watch the sky. I enjoy the beautiful colors of a sunset. When I am safe inside my house, I like to watch the lightning flash. We can see God?s power in the wind and the rain and the sun.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about God creating the world. God made so many wonderful things ? light, the sky, land, plants, sun, moon, stars, animals and people. Verse 31 says, ?God looked at everything he had made. And God saw that everything was very good.?
God made all these things because He loves us. That makes me happy. God made sunrises and puppies and flowers for you and me to enjoy!