God’s Directions

I pushed, twisted and grumbled as I tried to remove the lid from the medicine bottle. I knew that it was a child-proof lid, but I started to think that even an adult couldn’t open it. Finally I looked at the directions on the front of the bottle. When I followed the directions, I was able to open the bottle easily.
That wasn’t the first time I had tried to do something without reading the directions first. Many times before I had tried to open or repair something and became frustrated. It was much easier when I followed the directions.
Often I do the same thing with God’s directions, the Bible. I struggle to do something on my own. Then finally I read the Bible and follow God’s plan. Verse 11 of our Bible Reading says, “I study your teachings very carefully so that I will not sin against you.”
Don’t ignore God’s Word! Read His directions first, and then obey them.