God’s Face (2)

One time I was taking care of my grandchild. I laid her down in her crib for the night. I turned out the light and left the room. She started crying, so I went to see if she was okay. When I turned on the light, she raised her head and gave me the biggest smile. Then she was happy. I think she just wanted to see my face.
I want to be like that with God. I want to always see His face. But God is a spirit. How can He show me His face? Our Bible verses today talk about this. Verse 25 says that God smiles at us. God shows us His smile in several ways. He blesses us and takes care of us (verse 24). God shows us His kindness (verse 25). And God answers our prayers and gives us peace (verse 26).
I hope that you will take time today to seek God. Read His Word and pray for wisdom to live for Him each day. And thank God for the blessings He gives us each day!