God’s Face (4)

In our Bible Reading today, God is talking to King Solomon. God says that if people stop worshiping Him, He will make terrible things happen to them — destruction of crops, sicknesses and no rain. But then God says that if people will trust in Him, He will bless them.
Today some people think that America has stopped seeking God’s face. Many people have turned away from God and obeying His Word. If this is true, what can we do to bring America back to God?
In verse 14 of our Bible Reading, God says that we can do four things. These are important things to do whether we live in America or some other country. First, we need to be humble and realize how powerful God is. Second, we need to pray and ask for forgiveness. Third, we need to seek God through prayer and Bible reading. Fourth, we need to turn from our sin and live for God. If people do these things, God will “forgive their sin and heal their land” (verse 14).
Choose to obey and serve God today!