God’s Face

Maybe you have wondered what God’s face looks like. The Bible tells us many things about God — about His love, His patience and His grace. But it doesn’t tell what God looks like. We don’t have a photograph of God.

A few days ago, we learned that Jacob and Esau had some problems. For many years, they did not see each other. Finally Jacob sent Esau a message saying that he wanted to meet him. Genesis 33:10 tells us what Jacob said when he finally saw Esau. “Jacob said, ‘No, I beg you! If you really accept me, please accept the gifts I give you. I am very happy to see your face again. It is like seeing the face of God. I am very happy to see that you accept me.’”

Jacob thought that Esau’s face was a very beautiful thing. Why? Because Jacob knew that his brother still loved him. When Jacob saw Esau’s face, it was like seeing God’s face.

If we look around us today, we can see God’s face in many places. Maybe it is the face of a young person who serves food to needy people. Or the face of someone who offers a hug to a sad person. We can see God’s face in the faces of all Christians who obey God and love other people.

I hope that other people will see God’s face in your life today.