God’s Faithful Love (2)

Yesterday we praised God for His faithful love. We talked about the meaning of God’s faithful love. Today we will talk more about how we can have God’s love in our lives.
Many places in the book of Psalms we can read about God’s promise of His love. Verse 1 of our Bible Reading today tells us, “Praise the Lord because he is good! His faithful love will last forever!” God wants us to know about His love. But most important, He wants us to experience His love.
The only thing that can keep us from experiencing God’s faithful love is sin. Sin separates us from God. That’s why we need to ask God to forgive our sins. We need to change our lives, be baptized and live every day for Jesus. Then we can truly experience God’s faithful love.
What about your life? Are you living a life full of sin? Turn to Jesus today. Obey Him and make Him your Lord and Savior. Then you can praise God for His wonderful everlasting love!