God’s Forgiveness

Several years ago I helped with a special church service. I read a poem and sang a song about little boys. Later a lady asked me, “Did you read that poem and sing that song to your sons when they were little?” I smiled and nodded yes.
The truth was that I had not read that poem or sang that song to my boys. I thought I would look important if I let people think that I had done that. Later I asked God to forgive me, but that’s all I did. Then one day I remembered that lie. I knew that I had to confess my sin to that lady.
I wrote a letter to the lady. I told her what I had done and asked her to forgive me. Several weeks later I received a letter from her. The lady said that she forgave me. She also said that my letter had made her think about something she did wrong. So she had written a letter to someone else and asked them to forgive her.
We need to always confess our sins and ask for forgiveness. Think about your life today. Thank God for His gift of forgiveness through Jesus.