God’s Friend

A friend is a special blessing from God. Proverbs 17:17 tells us, “A friend loves at all times. A true brother always supports you, even in times of trouble.”
In our Bible Reading today we learn about Abraham. “Abraham was made right with God by the things he did” (verse 21b). Abraham was a man who had faith in God. Because of his faith, Abraham did great things for God. And verse 23b tells us that “Abraham was called ‘God’s friend.’”
Wow! I want to be called God’s friend, too. But first, I must have faith in God. I need to believe that God is all-powerful and that He loves me. But that’s not all I need to do. Verse 24b says that a “person is made right by the things he does.”
So after I believe in God, I need to obey Him. I can find out what I need to do by reading the Bible. When I obey God, I show Him that I love Him and trust Him.
I hope you want to be God’s friend, too. Love God and follow His Word, the Bible.