God?s Glory

Some Bible translations add these words to verse 13 of our Bible Reading: ?For the kingdom and the power and the glory belong to you forever and ever. Amen.?
These words remind us that God is glorious and all-powerful. When the devil is finally defeated, God?s kingdom, power and glory will continue forever. We are partners with God. We should be working every day to build up God?s kingdom.
All the glory in the world belongs to God. Knowing this helps us remember that our lives are not about our jobs or our cars or the money we have. We are here on earth to praise God and bring honor and glory to Him.
Think about ways that you can bring glory and honor to God. You can tell someone about Jesus, share your food and money with someone who is poor, fix a meal for someone who is sick, or you can visit someone in prison.
Whatever you do today, make sure that it honors God?s name.