God’s Grace

Our Bible verses today tell us that there was a problem in the early church. Some people said that if a person wanted to be a Christian he had to also obey the Jewish laws.
Often I talk with people who say that God’s grace is not enough to save me. They tell me that I have to wear a certain kind of clothes or read a special Bible or speak to God in a strange way. But that is not what Peter said in our Bible verses today.
Peter told the group in Jerusalem, “…we believe that we and these people will be saved the same way — by the grace of our Lord Jesus” (verse 11). When we add something to God’s Word, it is like giving people a heavy burden to carry around. Peter said (verse 10a), “So now, why are you putting a heavy burden around the necks of non-Jewish followers of Jesus?”
God’s salvation is a gift given to us through His grace. Thank Him today for this gift!