God’s Guidance

My elderly relative has a car that keeps breaking down. She won’t buy a different car because God has not told her to get a new car. My friend is being laid off his job and won’t look for another job until God tells him to look for a job.
Sometimes people refuse to do something. They say that God has not spoken to them and told them to do that thing. But God has never promised He will give us clear answers to every question we ask Him. He often expects us to read the Bible and apply His message to our lives.
The writer of Psalm 1 reminds us that we need to read and study God’s Word. If we do that, we will be spiritually strong. God’s Word will guide us and help us make wise decisions.
Maybe you are struggling with a problem and don’t know the answer. Pray and ask God to help you. Then use His Word to guide you and show you how to serve Him.