God’s Guidance

Do you ever wish you had a guide to lead you through life? This guide would tell you what to do or not to do.
Blind people use guide dogs to lead them and show them where to walk. Guide dogs are specially trained to help the blind. These dogs prevent blind people from walking in dangerous places. And the dogs protect the blind people while they are walking down the street. But if blind people ignore their guide dogs, they could easily walk in a dangerous place.
We have someone who will guide us every day. This guide is God. We must first read the Bible and learn how we can obey Him. If we choose to disobey God’s commands, we are like the blind people who ignore their guide dogs. Then we make big mistakes!
Verse 2 of our Bible Reading tells us that if we do what God wants, we will be happy. I encourage you to read the Bible every day. Then you can know what God wants You to do.