God’s Healing

Several years ago, my wife gave birth to twin girls. They were born more than 6 weeks early, so they were very small and helpless.
For the first month, we kept our daughters tightly bundled. This helped to keep them warm and make them feel safe. The staff at the hospital taught us how to fold the blankets so that our daughters were wrapped correctly. When I looked at them, they looked like two burritos!!
When we are hurting, we need to allow God to heal us. Verse 3 of our Bible Reading says, “God heals their broken hearts and bandages their wounds.” The Hebrew word here for bandages can also be translated as something that is wrapped. God’s love and comfort for us will be like the blankets that made my daughters feel warm and safe.
If you are hurting today, be sure to turn to God for help. Trust His promises, and fellowship with people who love God and follow Him. God will heal and strengthen you.