God’s Help

In verse 4 of our Bible Reading David wrote, “I went to God for help. And he listened. He saved me from all the things I fear.”
It is interesting that David said almost the same thing in verse 6. “…the Lord heard me. He saved me from my troubles.” Usually when we repeat something, it means that it is very important. So I think we should pay attention to what David said here.
We all face difficult times, but often we don’t know where to find help. Maybe we ask our friends for advice or read a book about the subject. Instead, we should be looking to God for our answers.
If we are like David, we will pray and ask God to help us face the things that we fear. And God will pay attention to us and show us how we can be strong.
Maybe you are scared today or facing an important decision in your life. Don’t face it alone! Ask God to give you wisdom and strength.