God’s House

King Solomon built a beautiful temple and dedicated it to God. This was the place where God lived and where the Israelites worshiped God.
Luke 2:36-38 tells us about a woman named Anna. Verse 37b tells us that “Anna was always at the temple; she never left. She worshiped God by fasting and praying day and night.” There are also many other examples of people who prayed and worshiped God in the temple.
In our psalm today, the writer says in verse 10, “One day in your temple is better than a thousand days in any other place. Standing at the gate of my God’s house is better than living in the house of a wicked man.” The writer meant that he would rather be a servant in God’s house than live with people who do not serve Him.
We do not worship God today in a temple. We can worship Him anywhere. I hope that you love to praise God and worship Him.