God’s Hugs

One morning I was folding laundry. My husband came up behind me and gave me a great big hug! All day I thought about that hug. I felt good knowing that my husband loved me.
Sometimes God gives me hugs, too. He can’t give me a physical hug, but He gives me spiritual hugs. This usually happens after my quiet time in the morning. I read the Bible and pray, and then I sit and think about what God wants me to learn and do. God’s presence is with me, and I feel like He is hugging me all day!
Our Bible Reading today is Paul’s prayer for the Christians in Ephesus. “I ask the Father with his great glory to give you the power to be strong in your spirits” (verse 16a). When we spend time in prayer and Bible reading, God helps us be spiritually strong.
Do you want a spiritual hug from God today? Read His Word and talk with Him and wait to be “filled with the fullness of God” (verse 19b).