God’s Laws (3)

Sometimes people wonder how much “religious stuff” they need to do so God will forgive their sins. How many times a day should they pray? How often should they read the Bible? When should they go to church?
Romans 4:7 says, “People are truly blessed (happy) when their wrongs are forgiven, and when their sins are covered!” Verse 9b of our Bible Reading continues, “We have already said that God accepted Abraham’s faith, and that faith made him right with God.”
God was pleased with Abraham because of his faith, not because he obeyed religious rules. Verse 10 tells us that God accepted Abraham even before He made the rules. God will accept us because of our faith, too. We follow God’s rules because we love Jesus. We show this love by doing good things.
Don’t worry today about rules to obey. Instead, have faith in God and His plan for your life. Then show other people that you love Jesus.