God’s Laws (4)

Our Bible Reading today shows us that it was difficult for Paul to obey God’s laws. Verse 15 says, “I don’t understand the things I do. I don’t do the good things I want to do. And I do the bad things I hate to do.” Even when Paul tried hard to please God, he sometimes failed.
Sometimes we feel the same way that Paul felt. We try to obey God, but we fail. It is hard for us because we try to obey the rules instead of just trusting God. When we trust God, it is easier for us to obey.
Sometimes my wife has a job for me to do around the house. Maybe it is a difficult job. But I will gladly do that job. Why? Because I love my wife. It is the same with our Christian lives. It is easier to obey God’s rules when we realize how much we love Him.
If you are a Christian, God has given you salvation through Jesus Christ. Don’t forget that God loves you and forgives you. Remembering those things will help you obey God’s laws today.