God’s Light

When I go to work, I drive across a bridge over New York Bay. There are always many ships and small boats in the bay as they travel in and out of New York City.
Recently I was driving to work early in the morning, and it was foggy. As I drove over the bridge, the fog became worse. It was very difficult to see anything. So very slowly, I followed the rear lights of the truck in front of me. That way I was able to stay in my lane of traffic.
This experience made me think about our Bible Reading today. Verse 105 talks about God’s Word. It says, “Your word is like a lamp that guides my steps, a light that shows the path I should take.” Just as the truck kept me in the right lane, God’s Word will keep us on the right path in life.
Sometimes we find ourselves facing dark “foggy” circumstances, and we are not sure what we should do. That’s when we need to trust God’s Word. We need to pay attention to what God says and let Him lead us.
Depend on God’s Word today!