God’s Love (1)

Recently my son-in-law had to go out of state. His job required him to take some special classes. He left his home to drive to the airport. His small daughter, Maria, watched him drive away. She was so sad! Why? Because she wanted to go with her father. Maybe Maria felt that her father did not love her because he did not take her with him.
We can read some encouraging words in our Bible Reading today. Verses 38 and 39 tell us that “nothing can separate us from God’s love.” No matter where we are, God loves us. No matter what time it is, God loves us. God will always love us!
These verses also tell us that God loves us, no matter what happens to us. If we are facing troubles, God loves us. If we are having a bad day, God loves us. It is wonderful that we can always depend on God’s love!
Maybe this is not a good day for you. Don’t forget that God loves you, and that He will never stop loving you.