God’s Love

Our Bible Reading today tells us about a man named Saul. Many Christians were afraid of him. Why? Because Saul did bad things to Christians. Probably they thought that Saul would never change.
But God had a different plan for Saul’s life. The rest of Acts, chapter 9, tells us that Saul realized that Jesus was God’s Son. Saul repented of his sins, he was baptized, and he started following Jesus. Later Saul’s name was changed to Paul. He became a great missionary and preacher for Jesus.
Often we see people who are very sinful. It seems that there is no hope for them. But God’s love can change anyone. God’s love has changed me. I have done many bad things. I even thought that I was not important to God. But God’s love changed me. Now I am training to serve God in a special way.
You are important to God. Allow His love to change you and make you His child.