God’s Love (2)

Sometimes we feel sad because a friend or loved one has turned against us. Or maybe people say they do not like us any more.
My granddaughter, Jessica, has a friend like this. Often Jessica and her friend play together. Then for a short time, the friend says she does not like Jessica. Jessica wonders if she can ever really depend on this friend.
Every person needs a good friend to love them. A friend who will love us and be faithful to us is a very special gift from God. But we can always know for sure that God loves us. There are many verses in the Bible which tell us that God’s love continues forever. This means that He will never stop loving us. God will always be our friend.
Sometimes Jessica wonders if her friend really wants to be with her. But we never need to wonder if God wants to be with us. He always wants to be close to us and to help us in life. You can depend on God to be your friend today!