God’s Love (3)

When I was young, my family liked to go for a drive on a Sunday afternoon. We especially liked driving on country roads with pretty scenery. I remember that one road we drove on had a tunnel. When we went through the tunnel, my father honked the horn. That made a funny echoing sound. I loved it!
But that was not the only fun part of our drive. Along one road was an artesian well. Artesian wells never stop flowing. Their water is continually forced out of the ground. Often we stopped at this well to get a cool drink on a hot summer day.
That well reminds me of God’s love. His love never stops – it keeps on flowing to us like a fountain or a well. Our Bible Reading tells us God is full of love for us. God has enough love for every person in the world. And His love continues forever.
Maybe today people will disappoint or hurt you. Don’t forget that God is full of love for you. He will never stop loving you!