God?s Love

Probably you have read the verses from our Bible Reading many times. Some people have memorized John 3:16: ?Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. God gave his Son so that every person that believes in him would not be lost, but have life forever.?
Why is John 3:16 so important? Because this verse reminds us about three important facts: 1) God loves all the people in the world; 2) God gave His Son, Jesus, to die for these people; and, 3) Jesus? death gives these people a way to live forever with Him.
Wow! That is awesome! God loves you. And because He loves you, He allowed Jesus to die on the cross. When Jesus died, He accepted the punishment for your sins. God wants you ? and everyone in the world ? to accept this free gift of salvation.
Have you accepted God?s gift of salvation through Jesus? If not, continue to study the Bible and learn what God wants you to do. Then share this Good News with your family and friends.