God?s Love

Many Jewish people thought that Jesus would come to earth as a victorious king. But instead, God chose to send Jesus to earth as a baby.
I think this shows us how much God loves us. As we read our Bible Reading today, we can imagine Mary holding baby Jesus. One of the greatest examples of love here on earth is a mother with her child. Mary loved baby Jesus, and she wanted to take care of Him and protect Him.
We can also see love in the example of the shepherds. They could have waited to see baby Jesus the next day. But verse 16 tells us that the shepherds ?went quickly? to find the baby. They were excited to honor God?s Son.
You will probably have many opportunities this Christmas season to read or see the story about Jesus? birth ? on TV, at Christmas dramas, or on Christmas cards. When you think about baby Jesus, remember God?s great love for you.