God’s Love for Us

What is God like? Some people think that God is always angry and wants to punish us. Other people think that God wants to frighten us into obeying Him. And some people have told me that they think God is just someone who gives us good things.
The verses in our Bible Reading today tell us a lot about God. First, God is light (goodness). “We should live in the light, too” (verse 7b). Second, God will forgive our sins (verse 9a). And third, God does what is right (verse 9b).
These things show us that God is loving. He never stops loving us, no matter what we do. God is always waiting for us to ask for forgiveness when we sin. And He wants us to love Him, too.
Think about God’s love today. Know that God is willing to forgive your sins if you ask. Remember that God will always do what is right for you. Then praise Him for being so wonderful.