God’s Love for Us

My husband and I were coming home from our grandson’s baseball game. It was late and the sun was setting. The sky was a brilliant orange. It was beautiful! I felt at peace.
Then some dark clouds covered the sunset. Its beauty was gone. It made me feel sad. Soon the clouds faded, and I felt at peace once again.
Sometimes my life is like that. When things are going well, I feel at peace. Then some problem comes into my life and things change. My peace is gone, and I feel sad.
But there is something in my life and your life that never changes. It’s God’s love! Our Bible Reading tells us in verse 1, “Praise the Lord because he is good. His faithful love will last forever.” When I am sad and facing problems, I need to focus on God’s love. Then I will feel peaceful again.
Whatever happens in your life today, think about God’s love. It will last forever!