God’s Love for Us

Recently we adopted a dog from our local humane society. This little black dog is part poodle, and his name is “Bear.”
I am Bear’s special friend. When I am sitting in a chair reading or watching television, Bear will come near me. He will drop his toys beside me and look at me. Bear’s eyes seem to say, “I love you.” This reminds me of God. Every day He gives me good things in my life. And, He speaks to me through His Word, the Bible.
Our Bible Reading today is a song written by Moses. In verse 10, Moses said, “The Lord surrounded Jacob to watch over him. He protected him, like the pupil of his eye.” It is natural for us to protect our eyes. If we know that something might hit our eyes, our response is to cover our eyes. In the same way, God protected Jacob. And He protects us today, too.
You are important to God. Remember that He loves you and gives you good things every day.