God’s Love

It is wonderful to know that God loves me. But it has always been hard for me to understand God’s love. Then I read about King Manasseh in our Bible Reading. King Manasseh was a very wicked man. God warned him to stop doing terrible things. But Manasseh ignored God. God punished him for his disobedience.
God allowed Manasseh to be taken prisoner. He was probably very lonely and depressed. Finally Manasseh prayed to God and asked Him to forgive him. God paid attention to Manasseh’s prayer and restored him as the king of Judah.
God is a loving God. But He is also a fair God. He was always ready to help Manasseh. But first, Manasseh had to become humble and ask for forgiveness. God will do the same for us today. He loves each person and wants everyone to know and love Him. But we need to come to God with humility and obedience.