God?s Medicine

For many years, I have suffered from a disease. Doctors say that this disease is caused by a chemical imbalance in my brain. There is no medicine to cure this disease.
But I have learned about God?s medicine. God?s medicine helps me to live with my disease. God?s medicine is full of His love, grace and mercy. God?s medicine reminds me that every day is a gift from God. God?s medicine encourages me to live each day for His glory.
Here is God?s medicine for me: reading the Bible; praying; asking God to forgive my sins; reading Christian books; learning from sermons, Bible lessons and daily devotionals; memorizing Bible verses; singing songs of worship; having fellowship with other Christians; and helping other people. These things have helped me to live with my disease.
I do not know what problems you have. But I know that God?s medicine will help you face any problem.