God’s Peace

We all have problems. Sometimes people don’t like us, and they said bad things about us. That hurts our feelings. We may even get mad at them or be afraid of them. It is not easy to experience God’s peace when we have problems with people.

The book of Acts tells us about a special man named Stephen. Stephen became a Christian and faithfully served in the church. He also told people about Jesus. Some of the Jewish religious leaders started arguing with Stephen. Their arguments got worse. Finally, the men took Stephen by force to a meeting of the Jewish high council. Acts 6:15 tells us about that meeting.“Everyone there in the council meeting was staring at Stephen. They saw that his face looked like the face of an angel.”

Stephen was filled with God’s peace, and he bravely spoke before the council. He reminded the Jews that they were the people who had killed God’s Son. Then the Jewish leaders became very angry. They took Stephen out of the city and stoned him to death.

God was with Stephen, even when he was facing death. God will be with us, too, when we experience persecution and hatred. He will give us His peace, wisdom and love. Ask God to be with you today and help you be strong for Him.