God’s Plan

Our Bible Reading today is about Samuel. At that time, the Israelites did not have good spiritual leadership. 1 Samuel, chapter 2, tells us that Eli, the high priest, was weak and his sons were evil.
Probably some of the Israelites were discouraged because of Eli and his sons. But they did not know that God was preparing Samuel to lead the people back to Him. Years later, Samuel became a prophet and a judge for Israel.
We all face situations in life that are difficult to handle. When this happens, some people become discouraged or angry with God. Some people may even fall away from God. Why? Because they think that God does not love them or pay attention to their prayers. But we do not know what God is preparing for our lives. We need to trust God and wait for Him to show us His plan.
If you are facing hard times today, be patient and continue to trust God.