God’s Plan

Several inches of snow fell on the ground overnight. When Scott and his brother woke up, they didn’t want to go to school. All they wanted to do was play in the snow. So the two boys built a snow wall across the road. They hoped the school bus couldn’t get to their house. But soon the bus came and smashed through the snow wall. Scott and his brother’s work was destroyed and they had to go to school anyway.
In our Bible verses we read about another person who had his plans destroyed. Jonah didn’t want to obey God and go to the city of Nineveh. So he got on a ship and tried to run away from God. But Jonah ended up inside a big fish. Jonah repented, and God saved him. Finally, Jonah obeyed God and went to Nineveh.
The story about Jonah teaches us to obey God and His plan for our lives. Don’t rebel against God. Trust Him and follow His leading in your life.