God’s Plan

When I am at the beauty shop, I try not to look in the mirror until the hairstylist is finished with me. But recently I looked in the mirror by mistake. There were pieces of aluminum foil in my hair. The rest of my hair looked like a dry dandelion! But my hairstylist knew that I would look good when she was finished.
In today’s Bible Reading, God told Gideon, “The Lord be with you, great soldier!” (verse 12b). Gideon was not a brave soldier at that time. He was hiding from his enemies! But God knew that Gideon would become a great soldier.
Sometimes we look at ourselves, and we think that we will never do anything important for God. Maybe we think that we are too young or too weak. Or maybe we think we have done too many wrong things.
God has a plan for us. He knows what we can become. We just need to depend on Him to help us grow and become His servants.