God’s Plan

Sometimes I wonder why we need to pray for each other. God knows what we need, so why should we pray? Our Bible Reading today helps me understand more about prayer.
Moses was the leader of the Israelites. Moses’ brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam, complained about Moses. This made God angry. So, God gave Miriam a terrible skin disease. Aaron asked Moses to forgive them for their sin. Moses prayed to God. Moses said (verse 13b), “God, please heal her from this sickness.” God answered Moses’ prayer, and Miriam was healed.
Every person on earth faces bad times in their lives. These bad times may be sickness, financial problems or the death of someone we love. Some of these bad things just happen, but some happen because of the wrong things we have done. When we go through these times, it is good to know that other Christians are praying for us.
We do not know if Moses’ prayer changed God’s mind. But we do know that God answered Moses’ prayer. God will answer your prayers, too.