God’s Plan (4)

The last part of God’s plan for His church was to go to “every part of the world” (verse 8b). The rest of the book of Acts tells us how the twelve apostles and Paul spread the Good News throughout the world.
Paul made three trips around the Roman Empire to tell Jews and non-Jews about Jesus. Paul was a missionary — someone who is sent to share God’s message. Paul faced many hard times, but God was always with him.
We, too, have a responsibility to share Jesus with the whole world. But maybe you are thinking, “I can’t travel around the world. How can I share Jesus?” One way is for you to support missionaries who are serving in other countries. You can pray for them and support them financially.
Also, you may be able to go on a short-term mission trip to another country or a mission in your own country. Let God help you be a part of His plan to save the whole world.